About Us

FIANIM Enterprises is an elite international trade concern with its own  manufacturing factilities. We specialize in producing and supply genuinesurgical, Dental, veterinary and specialty in manicure (beauty care) instruments of aesthetic value giving our customers both the world of elegant design and matchless quality.



We have a handsome squad of highly skilled and dedicated workmen putting their best to produce the best quality products for international customers. we strive hard to cater a wide range of our customers' bussiness needs and supply our quality products across the globe.


All instruments are prepared using finest quality of steel, then tested, for  optimum satisfaction, using latest machinery. Instruments are availabe in Gold Plated form. TC(Tungsten Carbide) tipped instruments has also been introduced for European & American Markets.


Company's main stress is over high quality and in time delivery because we know we supply life saving instruments.


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